Viral ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Proposal Couple Shocked To Meet Animator For The First Time
Viral ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Proposal Couple Shocked To Meet Animator For The First Time

– Last year, a guy set
a, I mean a real new bar for wedding proposals when
he popped the question to his girlfriend, who’s a cardiologist. So if you haven’t seen the
video, you’re in for a treat. Her favorite movie is the
classic film “Sleeping Beauty”, so he animated himself into it. Check out this fairytale
proposal, here roll the tape. (magical fairytale music) (cheering and clapping) – It’s not every day you get to propose to your high school sweetheart. – Oh my God, these poor people. (laughter)
– They’re all in on it. – Oh my God. – I love you with my whole heart, including all of its
ventricles, atriums, valves. She’s a cardiologist. Will you live happily ever after with me? – Yes.
(cheering and clapping) – I’m like, what? The proposal was shared around the world and seen tens of millions of times, what do you guys think,
that’s pretty amazing. (cheering) Here for their first sit down
interview since the proposal, please welcome Lee and his fiancé Sthuthi. So you genuinely look, like some females know, some people know that they’re about to be proposed to. You genuinely looked confused and worried for people around you. – Yeah, so I was watching this movie, and I genuinely thought someone had messed up “Sleeping Beauty” I was getting mad at this film place. And then I see, like, this, goes into Lee, and then a ring pops, I’m like, “Oh my gosh,
someone’s getting proposed to right now, mm-hmm.” and then all of a sudden
I’m like, “Wait a minute.” (laughter)
I think I’m getting proposed to.
– That’s amazing. So wait, let’s go back. So you are really high
school sweethearts, right? – Yeah, so we actually met, kind of starting knowing
each other freshman year of high school. – [Lee] Yeah, we’re both.
(audience coos) – Oh my gosh, you’re adorable
then, you’re adorable now. – We both grew up in Boston, well we met in Boston
Brookline High School. We went to, and we had classes
together freshman year, and I was always kind of
the quiet kid in class, making videos with his buddies, and Sthuthi was the
pretty, straight A student who everyone would always
try to copy off her homework. – It didn’t start there, though, right? ‘Cause y’all separated, and you went away for a minute, and then you
came back together, right? – Yeah, so we went to separate colleges, you know, in high school, you
kind of do your own thing, and then three years ago, we had randomly met up with each other, and it was kind of funny. We were at a bar talking, and I was like, “Oh, so how’s your girlfriend doing?” and he was like, “Oh, we
broke up two years ago.” I was like, “Really, that’s so sad.” (laughter)
– That’s so unfortunate, I’m so sorry for her. Do you need a shoulder to cry on? – Right here? – So why “Sleeping Beauty”? – So “Sleeping Beauty”
has been my favorite movie since I was, like, four years old. Basically my parents would put it on to kind of keep me entertained while they had to do what they had to do. So I’ve watched it.
– I don’t know any parents that do that.
(laughter) – That’s like a weird thing, right?
– Not one. – So I’ve probably watched
it a hundred times, but Lee actually. – I’d never seen it. – Had you never seen it til you did this? – Wow, oh my God, big step. You inserted your own twist on it, that’s amazing.
– Needless to say, it was very difficult to focus on the movie, seeing it in that
context for the first time, with knowing what was about to happen. So I might need to watch it again. – So it’s a great movie. But let’s talk about the planning ’cause I hear it took
six months to do this. That’s half a year, I
do math as well as sing. (laughter)
So that’s crazy amount of time to build up for proposal, and I’m really happy she said yes. – Yeah, no, the idea kind of started in a much smaller form, which was knowing it’s her favorite movie, and knowing that I work in production, it seemed like it was
rich soil to do something. And so I had the idea, like, is there anyway I can find a way to animate us into it. And you know, just through
looking on Instagram, finding illustrators who
had that sort of style, wound up finding someone in Australia. Super talented illustrator there, and she was able to draw us in all those different
frames as characters in that style, and then
we had a finished film. And then it became a matter
of how to get her there and get a screening room.
– Because I hear you said she’s super smart,
and so she’d figure it out, so you had to really
navigate this carefully. – Yeah, and I knew I wanted her, I know how much her friends
and family mean to her, so I wanted them to be
part of this moment, and then it became this matter of how do you get them in some sort of venue where they can watch it, and we decided this, I decided this local
– We (laughs) – this independent movie theater, she didn’t know much about it that point. This independent movie theater in our hometown would
be the perfect venue. We could get all our friends
a family in one place. – It’s so cool, what do
y’all think of this story? – No one’s ever done
anything so nice to me. (laughter)
– I saw the clip, but completely out of context,
on Instagram or something, I was like, “Oh my God, those people look so much like the people in the movie.”
(laughter) I didn’t understand it at all. – Exactly. – I will say, though,
you’ve kind of ruined it for everyone else who has
to propose for anything. – That is like incredible. So, Lee, why was it so important for you to go all out? – Sthuthi’s my high school sweetheart, and she’s someone who’s
meant so much to me over the years, and just being able to watch her career and
watch her grow as person. And you know, she comes from a long line of strong women physicians, her mom was a doctor, and her grandmother. – Was also a doctor so joined the family business.
– Third generation. (applause) So Lee, through all of this, you say the MVP of this proposal
was actually someone else. – Yeah, a woman named Kayla Coombs who’s an Australian illustrator who did all the illustrations of the two of us as
characters in that style, and had it not been for her
and her astronomical talents, none of this would have been possible. – Wow, that’s so cool. And someone across the world,
that’s the coolest part. Someone across the world
did this whole cool thing. That’s what I think was so cool. – It’s incredible, you can
do something like this, and it can sort of
reverberate beyond borders with some one that is literally on the other side of the planet. We’ve never even met Kayla. – So you know, Kayla Wedding invite.
– She’d better be invited to that wedding, I was like, “That girl deserves an invitation.” – At the VIP table.
– Yes absolutely. – All right, well, Lee’s not the only one who can pull off a surprise. He doesn’t know this, but
Kayla the illustrator is here, come on out.
(applause and jazzy music) It’s so good to meet you. Oh my God, you’re so talented. (music drowns out the happy chatter) – Nice to meet you. – Have a seat, Kayla, you want to sit down over by me. – Yeah, over here. – All right sit down, with
your little sweater tucked in, you’re cute, I love it. You are so talented, and you
don’t normally do this, right? You’re normally a children’s
book illustrator, right? – [Kayla] Yeah.
– So what drew you to this project, why did
you say yes to this one? – I mean, look at them,
they’re just so cute. – They are adorable, but you’re clear across the planet, and
you were like, “I guess.” That’s a time consuming thing. – It was, that was the main thing when Lee told me about this idea, I was like, “Oh, this is ambitious.” Replicating the style
of such a loved movie from so long ago using modern techniques, and it’s a big project, I’m just one girl with a pencil, I don’t have a team, I just draw in my bedroom. So I said, “If you can
be flexible on timeline, I will work on it at
night and on the weekends, and we’ll get there.”
– That’s so kind, you didn’t even know him, that’s so kind. – Yeah, but when we first spoke on Skype, and Lee was telling me
about how you guys met in high school, and his face just lit up when he spoke about her,
and I’ll never forget. You just had the biggest
smile I’d ever seen. – Okay, men make me cry
when they cry, you stop it. – He has allergies. – You’re crying too, you two are killing me.
– You guys, backstage, with the (mumbles) – It’s just so beautiful, and I also, I mean I know that I asked actually for examples of your other artwork, too, and the reason why I wanted to as well is because you’ve been
getting a lot of offers, people want you to do it
for their proposals, right? – Oh yeah, so many people are like, can you do the same thing for me? – So this is your stuff though, right? – [Kayla] Oh yes.
– Yes, I wanted to show some of the stuff
that you do as well. (applause)
I love it, it’s very inclusive, and I hear you agreed to do one more proposal though, right? – Yes, this will be the last one. – ‘Cause people keep asking. – Yes, I’ve had a lot of request, but this one is very special. There’s a couple, that have been, they’ve been dating for two years, they saw the proposal video that I made for Lee and Sthuthi and loved it. And I believe that they might be around in the audience.
– They’re around here. Well let’s see that picture.
– I did a picture for them. – Lets see it. Does anyone recognize themselves in this picture. I’m not sure, we could
keep looking around. Do anyone recognize? (confetti cannon)
(cheering) (gentle romantic music) This is a Love Bomb,
it’s a Love Bomb, people. Andy is here with his girlfriend Morgan and has something he wants to say. Andy, go ahead.
– Hey guys. So Morgan (laughs) a couple weeks ago, you showed me their
picture of their proposal, and you’re like, “This is awesome, there’s no way we could pull this off.” Well, we’re here.
(audience laughs) I love everything about you, the way you sing way too loud in my car even though I hate it, I actually love it. The way that you make me express myself, I’m super internal, and
you bring that out of me. I mean, I’m doing this
on national TV, I think. I’m still not sure if this is real or not, so hey Kelly.
– Hey! – The last couple years has been awesome, but I know they’ve been really hard with the passing of your dad. And you loved animation with him, so with that being
said, will you marry me? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (audience screams) Yes, yes.
(audience screams louder) – All right, well congratulations, congratulations guys. Okay I’m collecting
myself, everything’s fine. Sorry Gloria, makeup artist. To celebrate this big news, we’re sending Andy and Morgan to Iberostar Grand Paraíso
All-Butler Suite Resort which offers unparalleled
all-inclusive benefits and the highest levels of fine-dining, it’s nestled in an
incomparable beach and club in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I hope y’all have the best time ever, you seem adorable, two years,
you know by now, trust.

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