[VLG33] Verlaten beautysalon – Met verzorgingshuis? #Kurhaus
[VLG33] Verlaten beautysalon – Met verzorgingshuis? #Kurhaus

Well, thanks again for watching to a new video!
This time we’re at …… Don’t have any idea really, we found this location just now. Let’s do some exploring and find out together what we will find. Dont know what kind of building is used to be. I think a kind of beauty salon, what we saw outside. We don’t know for sure, but lets check it out. Even this is still here. Don’t know what it is but ….. It looks awesome! SuperSun Kind of tanning bed? Sit here. SuperSun 6500. Let’s see if there is more to see. Do not disturb.
Treatment room this is. Showers over here. People couldt take a shower here. What shall this be? Don’t have any idea what this is. What?!? Footbath or something? Really have no idea. – Yes. Could be. Must be a foothbath. A pool or something? Pool, I dont know. I think this was a pool. Hé? – A rehabilitation center. This? – Yes and also a beauty salon. Ooww, – Look here. Let’s see. O’Yes, still even in here. Look this, what is still here. Nice bath. System to put people in the bath. Thats just ‘sick’. Still here. Awesome! Another bath. That’s also a bath. Quickly walk around here. Bath, also a bath, all the same. Information: Cut, bath, tanning studio, cosmetics, shop. Thats were we came from. That is… How do you call it, not a surgeon buth that other thing. – Think a technical room. – Watch out you don’t let it close.
No, no. – A lot of cue standing here. – Poolen and stuff.
To pool? O’yes. There. To pool, a lot of cue. Flag still hanging there. Storage room I think, as I can see. Paint cans. We’re in the basement as I can see. Let’s go here first. – You can hear that there is still power on it.
Can still here the power on it. Cola cans. – Not even stripped all this. No right, nothing yet. – Want to explore everything? What? – Explore all of this?
We’re here so why not. – True. Hé? – True! Can you take this from me? – No! – Jep! What’s this? Let’s here first. Used as storage right. Random bench. Pepijn for you! No smoking! – Look at that radiator. Huge right, the radiator. Changing clothes, massage, natural fango, no idea what that is. Changing clothes is here. Yes to change, nothing special. Let’s go that way. Kitchen. Empty. What is this. – I’m going that way a bit. Sure. What are this for carts? Dont know what this carts are for. Looks weird. – Yes. What’s this. What would this have been for? – I knew it but…. Very strange! If you guys know what it is, please leave it in the comments! Really have no clue. – I think it was something like a washing bed or something. Washing bed? – Something like that, don’t know for sure. Very strange! If you guys can see, there is a lot of stuff left here!
Nothing demolished here! Dirty spider! Yikes! Nothing demolished, no graffiti, nothing! Think not much people know about this location. I don’t know it either, just found it. Did you guys see it before Pictures or anything, let us know in the comments.
I’m curious! Hope you liked it anyway.
Did you like it? Leave a big fat like and subscribe if you haven’t done it already! But… Let’s go further, it’s getting late already! – Woow, It’s cold here! Yes right!
Cold in here suddenly, damn! So!
If you could feel this! Extremly cold in here all of a sudden! – Looks like a kind of cels, kind of sauna’s. Could be yes. Yes, a pillow to sit or lay on it. Whats written here.
Something written here, let’s see.. “Wanne erst zwei Minuten sach Bereitung des Baddewassers benutzen” Blow off, heat up so yes. Bath or something. Take stuff out. Buttons over here. Very nice! Lets close it. Like it was before. So, thats closed! Lets move on. Everything the same, so we don’t film everything! As you could see, everything is the same so we dont gonna film all that! And it’s getting late right now, everything is getting pitch dark in here. We still have to do 2 more locations but we have to drive around 3 hours also to get back home. Sarted in the middle of the night. Almost awake for 24 hours right now! To make video’s for you guys! So i hope you like it, did you like it? Please don’t forget to subscribe and to leave a big like!
You would really help us! We find it awesome to do, so we hope you think that way to! So! Entrance or something? Looks crazy! Look at this! What a building! Check this! Woow!! Crazy! Look how nice! Wow! Thats a big room. Quite empty. Yes, the window over there right! People can see us there. – Yes, but this hallway is connected to that hotel over there. Oh really?
– Yes. Let’s do this side quick. – This is connected to that building over there. Oke. – So turn off your light. Ok, hold on.
Light off! Will follow you. Can’t see anything. Light has to be off for a while, else people can see us. – Everything the same. This is the end, lets go back. – Smoke alarm. Yes, the smoke alarm is still working. Still working. – Let’s hope it’s a smoke alarm. Chair between it, else it will close and we’re stuck inside! – That …. again Another bath. This one is made from aluminium. Let’s go further. All locked? – Not this one. Lets go there.
– Oh… – Don’t close it.
No, I’m holding it. Nothing special right?
– No. Yes. Is between it, else it will close. Oh, we’re going outside here? – Ja. – No, you will come in the hall again. – You have to shut off your light again. Now we’re looking outside. Thats why the light is off, else people will see us. – Nothing.
Nothing here. People walking outside will spot us easily. Let’s go out here quick. Said: Let’s go away from this side, else people will spot us.
– Yes, exactly. – Something from a school.
All countries are on it. Buttons even. – Doesn’t work anymore. Then a light will light up. Quite awesome. Hope you enjoyed the video! Unexpected location just found. Great to find! Turns out to be a spa like something, care home like something. You saw it, everything was still here. No graffiti, almost nothing! No vandalism, nothing stripped!
Very cool to see! If you think it’s super cool to see, don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment! Also don’t forget to check our Instagram and we’ll see you again next week! CIAO!

7 thoughts on “[VLG33] Verlaten beautysalon – Met verzorgingshuis? #Kurhaus”

  1. Victor Vandermaesen says:

    Spijtig dat je niet veel Abbonees hebt je doet veel moeite voor je video's maar veel recpect

  2. hannibal smith says:

    Het heeft veel weg van een kuuroord maar dan heb je ook zo'n revalidatie zwembad hele aparte locatie


    Ik denk dat het een medische en beauty kuuroord is daar kan een vrouw ja oké ook mannen zo'n verwen dag doen. In je video rond de 10.25 zag je van die kantelde bakken en zo'n bad. Ik denk dat het voor een zand/ modderbad is. Vrouwen zijn gauw bang om vuil te worden,maar daar duiken ze al te graag in ze zeggen dat het gezond is 😂🤣🤢🤮 het was wel interessant urbex plek 👍👍ik wens jullie hele fijne dagen toegewenst 🎅en tot de volgende keer 👍🙋‍♂️

  4. Stale Jan says:

    Wel een lijpe locatie bro

  5. sam den hof says:

    Sowieso weer een Like!!
    Dikke locatie! Mooi mannen!

  6. exploring with urban next says:

    Netjes weer pik! Jammer dat er nou teveul politie rond loopt anders had ik deze van de week nog even mee gepakt

  7. kimenschede says:

    Mooie locatie 😊 mooi lange video met veel te zien. Erg interessant weer. Topper

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