Watch Jackie Aina’s Full Morning Hair and Makeup Routine | Waking Up With | ELLE
Watch Jackie Aina’s Full Morning Hair and Makeup Routine | Waking Up With | ELLE

(alarm sounds) – Ugh, it’s too early. – Can you turn that off? – I’m trying babes. – It’s so loud.
– I know. How’d you sleep choco-daddy? – I don’t wanna get up. – Well. – Are you looking forward to Fashion Week? – I am, are you? – I’d rather stay home. – Well you can stay
home, but you guys can’t. You’re coming with me. Okay well, I’m gonna hop out of bed. Show you guys what’s good
with my skincare routine. Oh by the way, I wanted to
introduce you to my silk pillow. Good for your hair and your skin, so I like traveling with her. She’s not really important, I just thought you should know. And I drink water first
thing in the morning, because you don’t wanna
be thirsty out here in these New York City streets, man. I mean I drink a lot more than that. But for demonstrational
purposes, Imma keep it cute. A lot of the brands that I
work with are on the east coast so what will happen is I’ll
wake up to like an influx of emails that are carried
over from the night before. I try to make it a point to stay off of social media completely. It’s actually something I try not to do, it’s something I’ve become really good at, I stay off of (phone chirps) Speaking of text messages! One thing I was starting to do, is wake up and like run
to Instagram or Twitter. Then you cloud your
mind with all the stuff. I can save that for the
latter half of my day, so now let’s do some skin care. Oh wait, let me text back my manager before she curses me out. This is, really, the first part of the day I get to really do it myself. And keep it cute, keep it cute. Now, the first thing I
do is I wash my face, I am using the Olay Daily Wipes, I use these a lot when I travel, and I reallly like these
specifically when I’m traveling, because if I’m gone for three days, I can just pack three wipes. You know I don’t have to worry about something spilling all over my crap. So these are really handy,
shout out to you Olay. No matter how much I
travel, or where I go, it’s super important to
never sleep in your makeup. After I wash my face, I like to tone. I’m using a spray toner, I just literally, whoever makes travel size stuff, you really do have my heart. Ain’t nobody got time
to be carrying around, some Costco bulk level stuff. I love hyaluronic acid, this is one. Oh my god, ignore my
bootleg nail, please excuse. This is one that my aesthetician makes, it’s a copper complex peptide. Hyaluronic acid really helps with the balance and moisture in your skin. It’s so humid here, I feel like the hyaluronic acid really
helps draw in moisture. Don’t forget that neck! (gentle music) Get that neck, honey. After that, I do my eye
cream, this is also from Olay. The Deep Hydrating Eye Gel,
so just dot that on under eye. Ferulic, I don’t know who Ferulic is, but you know what, my
aesthetician said it’s good so. This one just kind of helps your skin stay protected from damage. Especially in New York City, I know y’all love to smoke out here. But we’ve got to make sure we’ve got that cute little shield, you know? Keep the skin protected. This is my aloe sheet
mask, it’s nice and juicy. If you’re a multi tasker like me, what you can do is put on your sheet mask, and then make your morning tea, your morning coffee, check your emails. And that way you can really, you know, maximize your time in the morning. Have you ever checked
the mail in a sheet mask. Woo that makes for an awkward
conversation in the morning. You might scare the hell
out of somebody too. So as you guys know, I’m a
wig warrior, I love my wigs. Cause I get to take them off at midnight, okay, like Cinderella. We can call her, Naomi. So we threw her on,
and she’s not cute yet. We’re gonna get there, okay? There’s levels. And I just like to brush her out. So we wanna clip all that front hair away and out of the face. Because we’re going to glue this down. Put gel in front of my hairline, and it’s only turning
white because of the SPF, don’t mind that, it’ll go right away. And then start applying that lace, right where we’ve applied the hair gel. It’s just a really jun
way to switch it up, nobody wants to look the
same all the time, have fun! I’m going to mimic some baby hairs, so taking a little bit more gel. It’s literally in history books, Queen Elizabeth used to slay her edges, I swear to you, I learned this in school. You don’t want to overdo the baby hair, unless you’re trying to
look like a 90’s TLC video. That’s up to you though, I mean, if that’s what you want to
do I’m not judging, okay? But I’m not going for that look today. And you want to tie this down, so that while you’re doing your makeup, this is staying in place and
is drying, and it won’t move. If I’m going to like a party or something, you’ll see me in full glam,
but when I’m at home, girl. It’s literally just me, SPF and lip balm. It just really depends
on what I’m wearing, where I’m going, who
I’m meeting, you know? Sometimes you don’t wanna get too done up, you wanna take it a little serious. Sad to say, the more makeup you wear, sometimes people try to play you, the more makeup you wear,
it’s really annoying. Okay, let’s start with the makeup. So, we have to prime,
it’s just a way of life. So I’m going to take this
Hangover Primer from Too Faced. It’s all about layers, so you’ll see me putting on primer and then foundation. It’s like a whole process,
because I find that that is what keeps my
makeup lasting longer throughout the day. So after that, I’m going to put on a little bit of translucent powder. I know, this is going
to have you shook guys, so a lot of people see
this, and they’re like, “Doesn’t that make your makeup cakey?” And I’m like, “No girl, duh.” So really kind of push and press it in. No, if you don’t know, have a seat. Imma introduce you to
Too Faced Born This Way. I actually got to collaborate
with them this year, to expand their line, so I created nine new shades this year. And the shade that I’m
going to be wearing is, and the shade that I
created, is Spiced Rum. And I’m just going to
dot this in the places that I want the most coverage. Sometimes if I use a product
like Retin-A or like a retinol, that may make my skin more sensitive, cause all them chemicals, girl, I don’t know how to pronounce these names. Sometimes that stuff really burns, but this foundation
feels good for the skin. These are one of my favorite
concealers from NARS, the Radiant Creamy Concealer,
I’m gonna take Dark Coffee. I’m gonna contour, right
below my cheekbones, right in the bridge, and then the jawline. If you’re like me and you like beignets. Gotta make sure you hide that, girl. And then I take Amande, did you know that’s French for almond, amande? Basically, touch all of the
areas that the sun shines in. So the sun shines on so the
center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose,
and of course, under eye. Then I take a fluffy brush, one that’s really dense and fluffy, and I blend out my contour first. Start chiseling away at the
beignets, one stroke at a time. And you know make sure you blend down to your jawline and your neck. You do not want no line
of demarcation girl. My routine for the most part
is the same when I travel. Translucent powder next,
while I keep talking. Yeah, I don’t really switch anything up, or do anything different, I will say, there have been times when
I’ve left things at home, and I forgot things on the go. Let me tell you something, this is the most bougie thing
you’ll ever hear me say, but Postmates is a blessing from God. And there was a couple
times where I’ve had Postmates bring me some
beautyblenders, or two. Don’t judge me though,
because it was an emergency, and I couldn’t make it to Sephora so. We’re gonna fake some bronze, because New York City still wants to look like the apocalypse
outside, but it’s cool. We’re going to fake a tan. This one is from Anastasia. And we’re also going to
make sure we pull back, to get into the wig and
bronze in there too. Cause that’s going to help
it blend into your skin tone. I don’t know I just feel like bronzer looks way more approachable, you know? Contour is like, you can’t sit with us (blows) and bronzer is like you can sit with us! But just sit over there
and don’t touch my fries. You feel me? Like, it’s a little bit
more friendly, it’s cool. Okay, I feel like I’m going to do brows. So first I go in with like a
really tight defining pencil, and then I take one
that’s a little thicker, more feathery and then I’ll
fill in everywhere else, and these are two different colors. So one is darker, I define it
with the darker color first, and then I fill in with a
color that’s slightly lighter, for a more realistic dimensional brow. I love this palette from Pat McGrath, it’s one of her newest ones, it has a lot of really
pretty rose gold jewel tones, which can also create like some really fun everyday, wearable looks. I’m so excited, I’m going to
be going to Milan this year, for Fashion Week with
Pat McGrath, so goals. Hashtag goals. I love her, she’s so awesome. She’s just like a fun,
she’s almost like an auntie, like I literally call her Auntie Pat. She’s just mad cool,
her products are dope, and just as an artist, like
who doesn’t admire Pat McGrath? She’s freaking Pat McGrath. I’m gonna take this one, from Baddie B. I love this lash, it’s very
glamorous, and very extra. While my lash glue dries, I’ll do the final steps of my eyes, so that by the time I’m done, I can just (tongue clicks) pop them on. Just going to finish the last final steps by adding an inner corner
an inner corner highlight, that’s like the Jackie Aina signature, I always add a fun inner corner highlight. Mascara. Not really a fan eyeliner
for during the day, I like to keep everything
very, how do I put this? Like no harsh lines, I don’t like anything
too smokey, too dark. Okay, this is very serious operation work, is putting on the falsies. I love falsies, especially when I know I’m going to be on camera. They just, look at the
difference, it’s night and day. Natural lash, oh ignore my nail. Natural lash, falsie,
natural lash, falsie. Three hours of sleep,
seven hours of sleep. You see the difference? Honestly it takes a lot of practice perfecting the lash application, but once you get it down,
you can conquer the world. I always feel like a brand new woman after I put on my falsies, I really do. Okay, we need to add some blush, we need to liven this look up. I’m going to go with a bit of pink, just to kind of compliment the look. This is a cream blush from
NARS, one of my favorites. I know it looks a little crazy right now, but once you blend it out, you get this beautiful, natural pink look. Finish it off with some setting spray, like I said, it’s going to be a long day. So I’m going to take some
Urban Decay All Nighter. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing makeup throughout high school, really
until I got to senior year. I would just practice on
anyone that would let me. When I got to college,
and I started discovering color and pigments and that
was when YouTube was popular. And I started doing my tutorials, at a time where I kind of
needed that inspiration. And honestly like, I’ve just
never looked back since then. (sighs) That’s the final look,
was she worth the wait? Did she slay, or nah? Well, you guys, I have shows
to go to, I have meetings, I don’t know what you’ve got planned for the rest of the day, but you gotta get the
hell out of here, okay? Alright.

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