Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to GTA San Andreas and our 100% playthrough where today we are taking on
the first of the garage missions which is called Wear Flowers In Your Hair. So
let’s jump in and do this but first if you haven’t already done so make sure
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thank you all for your ongoing support. Alright let’s do this. This is Wear
Flowers In Your Hair. I don’t remember an awful lot about this mission I’ll be
honest but I seem to remember it’s quite easy but I might be wrong on that
one also some people say this is the back
like it’s a CJ mission business opportunity just seeing the name and the
calendar I try to make some work and then make it into a garage oh won’t you
shut up you know what to do name on the calendar well we got your back CJ whoa man the energy here is it’s such a
good character yeah all right but I love the tree he’s a great character in here
man I know a few guys come with me friend they’re good people if you say
same and not sure I trust him yeah yes if I remember right this mission you
don’t really have to fight any enemies already used to work on marine engines
till the mob bought their business over in Vice
now they try and make ends meet by taking any old job a little bit don’t
buy their habit but the smoke don’t get in the way of their skills with an
engine I pick up Jethro first last I heard he was working at a garage over in
East basin okay let’s get in the car then so basically I think we have to go
around and recruit people for the garage it’s us remember how we’d get there I even go out yeah go figure I forgot there’s a tram
here as well yes I think really this is more of an
introduction to some Fiero as an area rather than anything else first stood a
pretty cool mission if I remember I actually remember how to get in you air
it’s been so long since I’ve been to this bit of the map do we go down here
gang territory Oh shining razors butterfly children watch yourself dude
these cats are real serious it’s a fire extinguisher Hey
jestro papi man I’ve landed you a real job
hey there trees did do I owe you cuz I swear I paid for that weed dude no
man we’re good I think he doesn’t grow berries – hi – you remember son can we
swing by the hospital it’s over in Santa flora district west of here ya know the
government is but that’s a long story so you know like what’s the deal dudes
I’m opening the garage indoors by the waist grand you know Car Mods lowriders
all that shit damn you polar bear shit in the woods
oh no you know the shit in the liquor tent if I remember it right yeah I was
good so far Oh what have I got myself into here geez
yes oh really this is just a tour of San Fierro a little bit isn’t it it’s a way
of establishing ourselves in the new area now this work do what you have to
do it anyway it’s a story mission but okay let’s go it’s this hospital it’s
our next stop I’ve seen Trimble we just go to random stops around the map and
then we go back to the garret roof on new people you sure that’s what we do
there’s a taxi site driving all over the place right there we go here’s the
hospital we’ll be here for anyway nothing he’s
gonna do deal isn’t he cover your faces thinking about a yellow
rubber duck you tripping again Shh okay I’ve seen enough let’s go see if we
can find Wayne he’s working a hot dog man one terminal in Kings okay you don’t
know the kind of save at the same time oh my word he is a great character
though isn’t he me too absolute nonsense he’s a great
character at San Fierro reminds me a lot of Liberty City for some reason I don’t
know why the hotdogs totally my friend Karl here is opening the chop shop
Jethro’s in how about you yeah I’ve got like some shit to take care of first
though so where you tell me where you guys are gonna be at now meet you dudes
there the garage is on the waste grounds and door I’ll see y’all later
nice you’ve gone what’s the cop stationed if I told you the likelihood
is you’d get a probe up you’re asked within a month oh my god what’s into the
man dude he’s real serious about that shit okay this is just so weird Oh men hanging out with the truth and his
buddies is a very weird experience isn’t it funny
ready wit yeah completely forgot that san fierro
has a tram system it can be really annoying on some of the missions where
you’ve got a speed around actually oh sorry mate
whoops right by the police station as well car just sort of spun out of
control right here we go good parking okay you know the drill
don’t look interested in anything it’s that van again no golf ball in your mind
okay we’re good to go where to next space here there’s an electronics guy
I’ve had dealings with goes by the name of zero he could fix this generator with
a paperclip he’s got his own shot but he’s always ready to help fellow
travelers along the path hey it sounds like a stand-up guy come on who are they you know what if I
judge you we never went to the moon Janis Joplin and the only reason we last
45 years was because snake-headed aliens run their own business I think right
snake-headed aliens yeah good keep it that way I will
nothing like some conspiracy theorists nuts who were high as hell
being in the car okay it is like instructions say er I don’t remember
that reminds me of the construction site in
Vicey actually yeah this definitely has like a different vibe to it doesn’t it
sound theory that was one of the coolest things about San Andreas every area was
so different areas kind of a remote-control copter oh hey
get in I’ll fill you in as we drive home just gonna leave these cops are there
yeah apparently so I told them your home and speak to when it comes to
electronics see some of my shit bro all right thanks
oh I see it’s not the construction site is the dead land behind our garage yeah
I remember now it’s all coming back to me guys I let
the hot dog guys here already okay we hear everyone out what team
we’ve put together to run this place a nutters place these fine fellows have
got to run our garage salutations my sibling ain’t exactly my thing you know
property development look you bog dump like this fix it up and sell it or
better yet you turn a property into a business this snowball gets bigger this
is well start this all sound big-time you’ve learned about Pro fees and things
so of course we get more properties they generate money we finally start getting
some cash and let me work the property thing okay sounds good baby girl right
there yes this is when things start opening up for us quite a bit and then
we go mission post okay see if I can’t sport a little porn yes red arrow thing
on the map there you go so we can try every Monday and Friday to
steal from the courier and that way we run some extra cash I’m looking to
invest in some property at the moment maybe I’ll swing by okay so we I think
we can buy that and that also unlocks emission as
well yeah that’s that mission done so listen take a look ask that screen 26.2
percent complete so we are getting there Sam Fuhrer is now open to us as well so
I think in the next one we’ll do the Sam Pierrot courier mission which is similar
to the Los Santos one but in San Fierro obviously but that does it for this
episode so as always guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the
video click on the like button it read us our channel to grow so I do
appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification
Bell if you’re new or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all
next time

7 thoughts on “WEAR FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR!! (GARAGE #1) – GTA SAN ANDREAS 100% #62”

  1. mushroom_brains says:

    Oh my gosh! Finally friday! Ive been at school like all week. Im really tired but im gonna eat some ice cream and play dnd with some friends. It could be worse😄

  2. proevomaniac999 says:

    The truth is one weird man and who was in those cars

  3. SerialPillock says:

    I like how Carl just speaks his mind always hah.

  4. the Grand Poofarian says:

    The more I listen to the truth, the more I think he might actually be on to something…

  5. Lycaon pictus Gaming says:

    It's going well! 😀 This is the top crew indeed mate!! I love the description too ahahaha "criminal related activities and missions as a young man named CJ" <3 The truth is just the best, nonsense is an understatement when he's going on about polar bears xD!! Great upload mate! Keep em coming! <3 <3 <3

  6. Lycaon pictus Gaming says:

    "Leave me alone Burkley, this is stalking!" Gahahahahahaha!!

  7. PinkwaveGamer says:

    The Truth and his crew might talk a bit too much about conspiracy theories, but they're so fun to be around.

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