Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 – Easy Eyes, Red Lips
Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 – Easy Eyes, Red Lips

Hi everyone, welcome back to Linda, Libra, Loca. My name is Anne and I’m passionate about sharing beauty tips and tricks for people with more mature skin As there’s a new season just around the corner – spring is waiting for us, and tI personally just can’t wait, I Decided to look into the new trends that are coming for spring and summer and see how I can adapt the sometimes kind of out there looks For me, my age and my personal life. And because I think that many of you have the same issues That a look looks great on the runway, but not that great when you transfer it to your everyday life I thought I’d take you with me on my journey And this is actually the first look. This is an easy eye with a red lip, but I kept the red lip very soft, very easy, very effortless looking, so I think it looks youthful It’s great to ease into red lips if you personally aren´t that comfortable with them And yeah, it’s really fun. If you’re new here, consider subscribing The button is down below, but without further ado Let’s jump right in or: Let me zoom you in. To save us some time I already did my base And because I’m using quite a full coverage foundation whenever I film I opted for the pixie Rose Flash Balm Which is, yeah, kind of an hydrating primer that gives it back a little bit of glow Because I think with these kind of looks a little glowy dewy natural skin is best and then my filming combo at the moment is half the ordinary coverage and half Estee Lauder Double Wear, because this is a tad too dark for me and this is too glowy for me, but mixed together – perfect combination! Then I powder it down. I did my brows and we are going to do the eyes. First things first I always prime my eyelids and I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion for that But to be honest, I think any kind of primer would work Most of them just help the eyeshadows stay a little longer and be more Vibrant and to be fair. It helps with if you have more mature eyelids. As it is often the case the Easy eyes are the ones that take the most effort and I’m going to start with a variety of grey and brown eyeshadows I’m going to use this one this one and this one These are all dupable colors. These are all Limited Edition by Mac and I will have the names down in the description box but the first thing I’m going to do is just apply the gray one all Over my mobile lid because this is the base color I feel like I need a base because I have some veins and discoloration on my eyelids that I Want to cover and this is just a “my lids, but better” – *laughs* is this even a term -color So all over in the mobile even a little bit above my crease as you can see It looks like barely nothing and I’m using a smaller shader brush and this color here Which is just a little bit darker and a little bit more warm and apply that On the lower third of my mobile lid for a kind of gradient effect This is the color that we are going to blend the dark brown into and it makes the eyes a little bit more Interesting if you have two kinds of colors going on So now you have a soft gradient that you barely notice if you are not really close up But that I find makes the difference in these eyes I am going for this darker brown shade and I’m using one of these brushes – This is actually a liner brush – and use it as that, as a liner on the upper Lash line, just everywhere, and stay really really close to the roots here This is brown So it won’t look as harsh and more natural than the black line which is what I usually opt for and then you take this liner brush and do a little Upwards flick. Doesn’t have to be neat Doesn´t have to be opaque because now we’re going to go back in with the brush, which still has some other eyeshadow left and Start smudging over. You could of course use a dedicated smudger brush for that but I only have one that is kind of harsh and blend inwards, not downwards, that would drag your eyes down and that way you soften the line Blend it into the color that’s on top and add some shape and definition to your eyes which is really important if you have light eyes, light features like I have, so this really shapes and lifts the eyes and now all I think is needed is a ton of mascara and of course curled lashes I’m going to use my beloved pixi by petra Black lacquer lash primer for some volume and then top up with this milk makeup Ubame mascara. Adds enough drama for my personal liking because I like a big lash if I just have soft eyes and now it’s time to move on to blush. I’m sorry. This looks gross, but it’s amazing this is one of the Max Factor Miracle Touch creamy blushes in the shade Cardinal, oh, no, Soft Candy Which is actually pretty red. I’m going to dab that on my cheek and blend it in for a very very natural Flushed cheeks situation and then finally, the scary part, the lips. I think if you are not comfortable with red lips opt for a gloss This one is a Mac Viva Glam lip gloss and it’s the Cindy one. So, yeah, it’s a really really old, but I love the color. Any more glossy color will do and then you just apply it to the center of your lip and blend It out with a finger for a softer Look. If you dab it in with your fingers the edges may look kind of blurry, but that’s kind of What the whole look is about: effortless, not as if you’ve tried, no hard line, lip liner and perfection But just this easy and, yeah summery spring Makeup look. And that’s the first look done. I hope you enjoyed it Please tell me in the comments below if this is something that you would wear or even better if you recreate the look Tag me on instagram. Send me your pictures I’d love to see them. Click the like button if you enjoyed the video And I’m going to see you all very soon with another video. Bye

11 thoughts on “Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 – Easy Eyes, Red Lips”

  1. Doctor Anne says:

    An easy spring/summer makeup look that is absolutely on trend this year. I encourage you to recreate it by using products you already have in your stash – staying true to the low-buy s many of us committed to. Is there any trend that caught your eye you want me to recreate?

  2. LiveLoveLogan says:

    Thanks for sharing! Just liked and subscribed! I also have a channel; hopefully we can support each other 🙂

  3. Aku Triono amburadull says:

    Full support my friend

  4. Shireen L. Platt says:

    You already know how much I love this look, Anne, you look fresh and your natural beauty shines through. I am lazy so I use bronzer to deepen my crease, smudge a dark brown eyeshadow on my top and bottom lash lines, lots of mascara and my eyes are done. LOL!

  5. Sustainably Savvy says:

    I agree this look is a very light and youthful one, it looks gorgeous on you! When I am in a rush… or to keep things easy I like to use my blush as a bit of eye shadow and create a bit of a monochromatic look.

  6. Away From The Blue says:

    You make the eye makeup look so easy, it looks really good on you! This kind of tutorial is definitely what I need, I'm so unadventurous with my makeup!

  7. Kate Louise Blogs says:

    This is so soft and pretty, I love it! I especially loved that soft smudgy brown liner. Great idea for a series! x

  8. blessed mama v says:


  9. Anja Ge says:

    Amazing makeup! 😀

  10. urbanjeanie says:

    I really enjoyed this video Anne, and I love the look! I also love that you applied the darker shadow with a little brush close to the eyeline … that is a genius idea!!! Will give it a go myself hopefully soon … when it's not so hot to put on makeup! 😀 Would love to see you do more looks Xx

  11. Exploring Makeup In My 40's says:

    Great tips! Love your calm style.

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