Hello there, today’s video is going to be on really weird beauty trends That I just keep coming across Like literally I try to be a normal person and I just can’t. Weirdness just Comes my way, and give this video thumbs up if you’re a weird person, and you just can’t stop being weird No matter what I’ve done a lot of videos in the past if you guys are interested I’ll leave, like, a playlist down below Of videos that you can watch that are similar to this because there’s just a lot of weird things going around And you know what I applaud that I applaud weird people! make sure you guys stay connected on my instagram and Twitter for lots of fun things and also my vlog Channel we just hit 30,000 subscribers. I explained on my snapchat Why that was important to me so if you care you can just go check it out on there, but without further ado Let’s go onto this weird stuff I came across this really cool Instagram account janine_ ker_hair – Where she has, like, the coolest hair things- and one of the things is actually taking Stencils and basically creating designs on your hair! which I find really interesting and weird and just a cool way to accessorize your hair So that’s what I’m gonna try. Curious to see if is this will actually one day become a trend I think it’s super cool super hip super awesome. So that’s right out super dope so I just bought these stencils I’m going to try different things and then I bought two different. Then I bought two different hair dyes Which I shall try before doing this I would advise you to put on a shirt that you don’t really care about First get a color that shows up on your hair, so if you’re blonde all these are gonna show up on your hair All right guys I’m gonna try this one out You what know the worst part about doing YouTube [is] people will leave you comments saying you didn’t try. I tried Alright let’s try on this side. Okay progress I see progress, dang she makes it look super easy you guys I applaud Janine for trying out something so different. An amateur like myself definitely cannot achieve… well…I mean alright the next weird beauty hack. I saw on Instagram, and I was like wat? you have to contour your toes? Gurl Don’t do that. It just seems like so much work, but I’ma try it out. I don’t really think anyone does this honestly but That’s just weird, let’s try it out. A message to foot models if you’re a foot model. I appreciate your job It’s hard to make feet look good on camera alright you guys so I’m following this picture right here My contour isn’t the color of my feet I don’t see a difference here, and I don’t see a difference here. So what’s life. I don’t know okay Hey guys And if that wasn’t weird enough then things get a little weirder I came across this beautiful picture by Irytandra Sanam She also has a YouTube channel And I’m just gonna recreate this look it’s called thermal highlight Which what the heck man makeup so creative. the artistry behind this absolutely beautiful She actually has a youtube channel on what I’m about to do exactly so I’m gonna link it down below this would be really fun To do with friends to look like crazies and then go out in public And then take pictures and tweet me if you do that you are awesome. I will follow you if you do that That is so cool – guess she starts with all the highest points of the face where your face would typically highlight Already poppin and glowing alright now. I’m going on with another color. It’s already looks super cool So this is the finished look I think it looks really badass Honestly she says in order to photograph this beautifully you just got to dim your brightness and then put a really strong light in front of your face This is awesome. for the last weird beauty trend. I’ve seen tanning tattoos like this is like a tumblr thing This is like a pinterest thing. It looks kinda cute, and then sometimes some people take a little bit too far I was really into this middle school although I never did it, but I thought it looks so cool And I was like oh my God like Kind of sexy like ooh. Give this video a thumbs up if I made to the end of the video you guys are awesome Leave me a comment down below if you made it to the end of the video and I will reply back to you make sure to stay connected with me on my instagram and Twitter because I love talking to you guys on there and my snapchat of Course I’m actually more active on Snapchat than anything else, and I love you guys so much Thank you for everyone that comes up to me and says hi whenever you guys see me I really appreciate it a lot of you tweet me and are like oh my God I was too afraid to come up to you, or when I actually see [you] guys in person. You guys are like oh I almost didn’t come say how do you please say hi to me trust me I am Just as nervous as you are and it makes me super happy and I smile from Ear to ear Dennis knows this And if we ever see you in public Like we’ll catch you on vlog and then you can also be on the vlog And I just I’m really appreciative for everyone that comes up to me and says hi It’s such a rewarding feeling and it makes me the happiest girl honestly I hope you guys have an amazing day, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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