What to expect during a Brazilian Wax – Salon Secrets  wax review
What to expect during a Brazilian Wax – Salon Secrets wax review

and In this episode of salon secrets we are going to have a look at what to expect when you get a brazilian also known in the industry by therapists as “the brazi” For this demonstration the model will be wearing underwear. If you can shower at home before your brazilian if this is your first brazilian, or you haven’t had a brazilian for a while do not shave the hair, just trim it. it when you arrive for your brazilian your therapist may have your room ready with a towel, a g-string and wipes if this is your first brazilian you should let your therapist know. used the alcohol wipes to freshen up dispose of the alcohol wipe in the bin. if you choose to wear the g-string, your therapist will form a kind of “front wedgie” so that she can get to the hair Your therapist will ask you to remove everything from the waist down Use the towel to cover you and lay on the bed on your back, ready for your brazilian Your therapist will use the towel to keep you partially covered during the brazilian or the therapist will completely remove the towel your therapist may ask you to put your legs into the “frog position” the frog position looks like this to explain the frog position and why your therapist needs you to do this. it makes it easier to put on several patches of hot wax and wait for each one to cool as you remove and put on and remove and put on the wax if you cannot get your legs into the frog position comfortably you can instead put can leg out straight and put the other leg out to the side if your therapist is using hot wax, she will first dust the area with talcum powder the hot wax should feel warm but not hot, it is like a chewing gum consistency at first and as it cools it hardens once a patch has cooled down enough the therapist will gently push on the patch, flick up an end and remove it she may push on the area to help with the pain If your therapist is showing strip wax or sugar, like in this case she will place the sugar or the strip wax on with a spatula however she will remove with a strip Your therapist may ask if you want “the back” done this means the hair on our inner bottom cheek the easiest way to get to the hair on the bottom would be to roll over onto one side and place the knee further over the therapist will lift up the towel, you hold up the bottom cheek and she will remove the hair after that side you can roll over to the other side and do the same aftercare may consist of the therapist using aloe vera gel, or teatree lotion, this will soothe your skin everybody has a different threshold of pain but the majority find that the top is a medium type of pain underneath (labia area) is more painful and the back is virtually painless to ensure hygienic working conditions and
your safety your therapist should NEVER double dip their spatula into the wax once used the therapist will get the hot wax out and she’ll apply that to your skin instead your theapist should use a fresh NEW spatula every time once she has applied the wax to your skin, the therapist needs to get more wax… she shouldn’t use this wax stick again that is called “double dipping” and unhygenic you could have bloodspotting when you have hair removed from areas that haven’t had waxing before the therapist should be flicking over to the clean side or breaking the stick or getting a new stick A therapists tweezers should always be sterilized
between each client This is the 2nd episode in our Salon Secret Series if you want to watch our 1st episode which is about saving money you can go here We’ll have another episode to you soon, so subscribe thumbs up and comment down here

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