what the nope I’m not wearing that because
I look like a girl I look like a girl would you guys think so far I look like a girl let’s
look at the top let me see I am on my way to the beauty supply store I’m going to go
get Tyler some vibrant colors to put on the tips of his hair because as you know last
week when we tried to do the hair coloring and he wanted to do it to he broke his arm
so we had to go to the hospital instead and then the girls went over to Smelly Belly TVs
house and finished out their end of the school year party so were excited to work on that
today and I also just found out that Kayla is about an hour away from home so we are
just so excited I can’t wait to see her it’s been like five days since we have seen her
and I can’t just tell you how much a mom misses her kids when they’re not home so we will
be seeing Kayla come home shortly and it’s gonna be awesome I can’t wait look at all
these hair colors while look at that one I wonder if that one would work for Tyler that
would look good on Kayla I don’t know what to pick all right I’ve got three different
colors I got a red a purple and a blue so let’s see what we can do with these read it’s
kind of like an orange red I’ve got blue it’s called blood yeah blood you want blood he
hair I’ve got blue sky blue and then I got purple of course for Kayla nope this one is
mine you want everyone to be purple you don’t want to be different fine I’ll be different
and do blue and red together I don’t know if we can mix them that’s purple I want blue
on one side and red on the other we have not cut Tyler’s hair since our picture day fiasco
so we are going to do a little touch up before we start the coloring process step one done
it has to dry and then we’re going to do the color dye all right Shawn is still working
so I’m not going to bug him right now but any minute now Tara and Jesse are going to
call me and the gonna say their home and were going to go get Kayla Kayla were going to
get Kayla I’m so excited we have not seen her in forever hello oh my gosh my baby I
am so happy to see you baby girl I miss you so much hi diesel hold on let me see 12345678
910 I see she’s got nine toes manual me 50 bucks how about 25 25 okay they are small
toes hi they made it back we made it home but we are all really tired ready to take
a nap yet how about you Aydah Aydah looks like she still has tons of energy so does
Rory I think we said hi to Jesse we were so busy grabbing our daughter going I miss you
everybody made it back home safe and sound awesome thank you so much for having her it
was awesome I am so happy that she’s back I was only gone for five days it seemed like
forever a guys so were on our way back from them smelly belly place I just found out that
were going to do some purple haired I because my mom just got some more purple, to dye my
hair purple again and then I’m probably gonna take a nap unless I have practice do I have
practice you missed it I missed it already yeah but it’s okay because all summer it doesn’t
count against you until school starts oh okay then I’m good and then next week is good be
crazy for you because you have summer camp there and practice so you’re going to be doing
it morning noon and night all week so you better get some rest you’re going to be an
awesome shape by the end of next week hey what does that supposed to mean are you trying
to say that I’m in bad shape and they also signed you up automatically it was mandatory
for the next week after that to what you just told me it was one week will now it’s too
can we cancel the first week no it’s all done it will just help you and I want to see if
they can have S do like a private practice where they can teach us how to stretch you
out and find out if we can video it and we can use it at home to help you get limber
otherwise you’re going to have to take the stretching class and I don’t think you’ll
like that I don’t want to do stretch glass I don’t like it when people try to stretch
me out I just like stretching myself but I’m not that good at it but I’m gonna learn I’m
trying to blog here oops I’m sorry I’m still blogging okay my bad girl you blog girl so
I’m going to see my Chewy I haven’t seen him in five days we stayed an extra day than we
expected oh I got a show you a clip of a video that we took last night we let you we out
in our bathroom and he was bouncing off the walls he was yes he was getting like all springing
I want to see that tonight can we do that tonight to yes yea oh my gosh I’m so excited
now Kayla finally gets to see Chewy your for is so soft of course he remembers you they
have great memories you’re so friendly you’re so friendly well thank you for being gentle
we are going to redecorate his cage oh you scared him I’ll that’s okay he’ll come back
you we are going to redecorate his cage in a couple days or maybe a week it depends on
how long it’ll take for them to ship it I ordered the proper would so we have little
wooden shelves and a cute little bridge it’ll go across that he can climb on and stuff we
are going to start dying Tyler’s hair now the first thing that I have to do is start
separating the pieces that I want to color from the hair that I don’t so I’m going to
try and put it into little tiny ponytails and hopefully this will work okay I’m going
to blog this point here what the nope I’m not wearing that I look like a girl I look
like a girl what you guys think so far I look like a girl let’s look at the top even the
tile looks like it was for a girl not a boy I don’t look like a boy maybe we should do
his makeup again no I’m just kidding trust me it’s going to look awesome that’s that
oh my gosh your hands you killed somebody so you have to not move around a lot it’s
like the Fourth of July there you go we have to wait 40 minutes all right so Kayla’s hair
has been washed and dried an now we are going to put some color in there now okay so this
is the finished product for Tyler Davis we are outside right now because we are losing
precious light and we wanted to capture the highlights in the way that we could best so
there it is there we got some red and some blue with you think Tyler yes thumbs up amazed
all right this is Kayla’s final look we got purple on the ends and a blue streak on the
side it’s awesome how you like it Kayla I love it I like the purple hair I don’t know
what it is this was more like pink yeah entered into like a bright pink I like it all right
all right guys so that’s the end of another blog and I hope you enjoyed it it looks like
the kids hair turned out pretty good I’ll take some more pictures tomorrow who do you
like better in the comments what hair would you rather have do you like the blue and the
red hair or the hot pink with the blue streak put it down in the comments below mine mine
mine Tyler or Kayla that’s what you gotta put in the comments there and I have a joke
for you today from David Davis it’s a pretty funny one why did the scarecrow get a trophy
321 because he was outstanding thank you for the joke and sharing it with us it was really
funny all right will see you guys later goodbye

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