Why Victoria’s Secret Models Love This $275 Facial
Why Victoria’s Secret Models Love This $275 Facial

– Today, I’m going to visit
Soma Spa in New York City to try out their custom caviar facial. Oh, she thick. I don’t know much about this facial other than that pretty much every single Victoria’s Secret model gets it, and it’s got caviar in it, so it is very fancy. I’m going to try out this
treatment for myself today and try to figure out why models like Romee Strijd, Winnie Harlow, Sara Sampaio all trust Soma Spa with their skin before big events. – I’m actually an upstart business, a young business owner. I’ve been really working on this for about two years,
for the launch of Soma. – Soma Spa has a deeper mission than creating gleaming
skin for its clientele. Vanessa Marc founded
Soma to be an inclusive beauty space upon learning that many spas aren’t equipped to treat women of color. – Sometimes there’s
just not places that can offer treatments because they may say, “Oh, it’s not great for your skin type,” or “We don’t know how to
deal with your skin type.” So I was like, you know what, I’m gonna be that girl one day, just be able to cater to everyone and also be a woman of color really also represented in this field. Before my treatment began, Vanessa took some time to assess my skin. – Just by looking at your skin type, I can see it’s congested, so we’re going to give you
a little bit of everything. – First step of my facial was to prep my skin by
steaming open my pores. – How does that feel? – Feels like a nice warm cloud taking over my face. Once steamed, Vanessa used what she called her special pore-sucking machine, also known as dermal infusion. The machine infuses skin with two serums: one salicylic-acid based to unclog pores, and a hydrating one to nourish. – How does this feel to you? – It’s like a suction-cup snail moving across my face. – Yeah, it’s helping to
suck out all the buildup while infusing you with the serum. – Let me introduce you to my nightmare. This is my jar of face juice. The next step was mixing
up my customized mask. Vanessa talked me through
all the ingredients she chose to address my skin’s needs. – So I’m going to use the Egyptian rose, which
is good for blemishes. It’s going to help with skin congestion. I felt like adding blemish caviar extract to the hyaluronic serum for hydration. I’ve used brightening complex
to really give you radiant, hydrating, glowing skin. – Oh, she thick. – Is it still gooey? – The standard custom caviar facial includes the pore machine and the custom mask. But given my skin’s concerns, Vanessa also recommended a few upgrades like this blue LED therapy mask, which helps kill acne-causing bacteria and calm inflammation. My treatment was topped
off with another add-on: a healthy dose of
platinum-infused hyaluronic serum meant to detoxify and hydrate. My face looks like, smaller, tighter? It’s like I got a new jawline. It’s like, where did that come from? Normally I’m such a sensitive human that, like, if you look at me the wrong way, I will turn red and blotchy, and this has got to be,
like, just the glowiest I’ve come out of a facial. – Soma is also an ancient
Greek word, which means body. So when clients come in, they are getting an overall experience catering to the mind, the body, the soul with specific needs and focusing on what clients are looking for when they come in for treatments. – So I just got my custom caviar facial, and after the experience, I think I actually kind of realize why all these celebrities and models flock to Soma for their skincare. It has more of a med-spa
approach to its treatments in that you’re going to
see actual visible results pretty immediately, and lucky for me, I noticed my results right away without a lot of irritation as well. So it’s different from other really fancy spas that you might find here in the city, where I think you’re paying hundreds of dollars for a facial that has a lot of fru-fru massaging and, like, scented lotions and oils. This treatment didn’t have any of that, but it did have results, and when I’m getting a facial, that’s what’s most important to me.

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  4. rightheres says:

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  5. Joseph Murrell says:

    Sum up of this facial:
    Steam on your face ✔️
    Suck on your face ✔️
    Paste on your face ✔️
    Nuketown mannequin mask ✔️
    Juice on your face ✔️
    Woman rubbing your face ✔️

  6. SelenaLover 95100 says:

    Some people watching this video are probably like "Oh that looks like it is worth the money I'm doing it" but then there are other people watching it and saying "I'm not paying about $500 for a facial you legit have to be a celeb or model to get this cause my poor ass can't afford it" Just got to your local beauty store and buy a facial that will last longer

  7. ningthou ningthoujam says:

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  8. Gian Lee Maliwanag says:

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  9. John Henderson says:

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    Thats it, nothing else to it. It really doesn‘t have to make it better, just add it.

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    I still don’t get why it would cost that much?
    I personally own several of the things she used and then some
    I bought many beauty tools and masks on Amazon
    Like a mircroderm pen and a sebum scraper, etc
    She’s way over chargin in my humble opinion
    Yeah you’re making it available to the rich

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  98. Jude Fenwick says:

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  99. celestina's formulas says:

    This doesn't work. You want good skin? Skincare diet + the occasional sheet mask once a month (use Taiwanese or korean brands, they work best personally)

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