Wife Reacts To Foodie Beauty’s “Vietnamese Mukbang”
Wife Reacts To Foodie Beauty’s “Vietnamese Mukbang”

Okay, I’m back for a Vietnamese food mukbang That the thumbnail had thin privilege with a question mark so I’m concerned already Everything here. I don’t know. I’m a really picky eater. So Sometimes things just don’t look right to me and I’m not sure how I feel about this stuff right now Okay, let’s get into it. Oh the lipstick the lipstick Didn’t even notice the lipstick. This was geez Okay, I’m not getting the health risks that obesity carries with it What I’m saying is just because you’re over will you see somebody overweight don’t make assumptions on your house I’ve actually been privileged whenever somebody I’m not negating the health risks that come with obesity But don’t assume that they have health risks because they’re obese which is so hypocritical of a sentence I can’t even same privilege is being able to Look at somebody obese and assume that they probably have a health issue related to their obesity. It’s just it’s just logic If you’re small people look at you and don’t automatically assume that you have high blood pressure You have diabetes you have cholesterol problems anyone with cholesterol problems I know is you know, I feel like most people are looking at each other wandering about their health problems I just seems to be your problem Chantel Welcome back welcome back, so I already know I’m at the a hyped on this because she is making the least sense I’ve ever heard from a human being you have for you my Salmon is a frozen blog on the counter. So it’s get frosting. So today will not be salmon, unfortunately, but I have some the Guess it would be I don’t know. It’s it’s from the Vietnamese restaurant I have some spring rolls salad rolls and some hot and sour soup very delicious. They make everything so great My favorite place is Vietnam Palace precedent and what I’m going to do is Do a Q&A. I have written down some Questions just like some of the top ones and I will keep them for future reference for when I do a part two So I have some paper down here. I was asking her these questions So let’s get you let’s get you who’s talking are you so everything is set up let me get my Utensil, I think this setup is part of it. I enjoy about doing them up bangs again to make the presentation look all night Yeah, that’s why she enjoys this spoon. Oh, they Sure, I got this kit from Amazon by the way, I should start looking Amazon lists, so you guys know Alright I’m gonna briefly explain the food because a lot of you have requested, you know It would be nice to know what kind of what some more detail about the food and what it tastes like So these are the theaters were asking them spring rolls. They have I think crab pork Different vegetables. These are pickled carrots, of course pickle something mint leaves. I Think this is fish sauce. I’m not sure to dip it. These are spring salad rolls, so they have Rice noodles lettuce mint and grilled chicken on this insanity Devon This is peanut sauce to dip and this my friends is they’re hot and sour soup which has tofu chicken Shear I think Shiitake mushrooms And I don’t know what it’s made. But it’s like it’s spicy in a bit sour it has like a cilantro in it If you’re sick, it’s the perfect thing, you know, all right, so let’s get to these Questions, let’s take away first crispy spinning Beauty buddy No Then I like eating a piece of mint Now if you drink water Oh, where’s the coldest water bottle Number one I’m also drinking water Why don’t you come into therapy, is that a gray hair I see I feel like The short answer to that is it’s not really anybody’s business. Right? I mean you’re making it people’s business by talking about it So you’re stupid number one, I’ve shared personal things like that In my life with you guys in the past But I’m under no obligation to keep sharing what I don’t want to share Then don’t but don’t talk about it either and keep my life private I have every right don’t even address the question and I don’t have to explain anything Okay, then then why are you answering the question you’re explaining right now? You watch me Do a video You have no idea oh We’re pretty sure we know you’re not in therapy. We’re pretty sure Your actions just prove it. You are a mess a full-time mess. So unfortunately I’m gonna leave that a mystery for you guys. She’s not I can guarantee you she’s not To a therapist we tell her stop eating on camera. I just jot them down quickly so it’s not like verbatim but Intermittent fasting is not for four to six hours Um what I meant was that was my eating window They’re very chewy because of the rice paper people On Sundays Find it beneficial to eat less There’s gonna be chewing well, yeah, it’s further than me What I do mug cake What people eat on my bangs they do it for? Videos I She’s talking about other people. That is not her She has said out loud on videos that she’s probably already deleted But she has said that she still eats like this Outside of her videos and hides it and probably hides different people in her life to like, baby Tony finds her puts about you as a social interaction Eating thing the majority of my viewers and the analytics are not our female So it’s not for theatres only. Okay, if Somebody wants to watch my video who is attracted to somebody eating and that’s what gets them off. That’s their problem That’s not who might have judge that you know what I’m saying. I find just ignore to say all your viewers are feeders If you’re not a feeder comment below, can you do things to? Attract feeder. So that’s something that’s a fact God she’s so stupid. I’m four little wondering why anyone would want to watch this? Why are you watching it? Like if it’s not you’re thin just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s not for other people you know what I mean like So So when I’m said intermittent fasting for me When I would eat like larger amounts of food, that would be my meal You know, I’d eat like in the four to six window or whatever And then for me, I’d be full For ever for a while So I don’t need to eat again for a long time. So for me, it just helps digest fully well You know if she stood this intermittent fasting thing she said in her last video that she ate Cassava that Phoebe made last night and then she was eating This stuff in the Mart whatever she was eating in the morning. That’s not long enough window for intermittent fasting just saying Better that way, you know That’s just eating I’m not doing it for a weight loss and doing it just to feel healthier I don’t believe that but okay element Hmm Yeah, because it helps with the indigestion you get from eating like an animal My babies food this food, it’s so flavorful, you know Like use a lot of different spices and stuff Okay number three was way in a gun I don’t feel that anyone’s but my weight is anyone’s business and that’s I’ve changed my mind about that since Doing weight related stuff on my channel I’m sorry, but I feel as a big person. I don’t I don’t like just cuz I’m big and eating It doesn’t mean I don’t anyone an explanation They don’t put it online for people to ask you questions that and leave your comments open your stupid regardless And it’s you can’t judge somebody You can’t dictate how somebody’s treating that disorder. I’m gonna take back in McCollum I think you’re just because they’re asking for land does not mean they’re judging how you’re eating if you haven’t told people since you’ve told them that you were gonna be doing weight related stuff for your channel that you no longer want to How are they to know that you then made that a line that you won’t cross? Stupid nobody can read your mind Samantha McCollum, there’s another couple of other book beggars who Excuse-me used to be big and have Issues with eating disordered eating and it’s a lot more common than you think. Oh, we’re very evening Why do you thinking he don’t think that um, she’s really fit now and she still does large book bags But she’s not doing everything else that you’re do I do How she used to be overweight that? Would make sense if he weren’t also benching any other time, okay how somebody treats their issues This is the same This is the same attitude She had when she was saying she was vegan and then come to find out that she wasn’t ever actually vegan So in a couple days probably maybe even in a month She’s gonna be like, oh, yeah, I wasn’t really doing the airman fasting. I was just saying it. I’m sorry I was on my high horse about it. Just like she did with the vegan thing We can figure out who you are Chantel. It doesn’t matter that. These are just 20 minute videos. You are so transparent It’s just so annoying that she thinks that she can pull the wool over people’s eyes. It’s just so stupid Overly restrict she sits there and acts like such a victim That people are picking on her just because she’s fat like no you being fat is the least problematic thing about you and abstinence You know what I’m saying like that’s not that’s she get me twisted I’m thirsty That’s my my business I Would you keep track of my weight? So I again on these gray hairs? Cuz you’re so stressed because I’m not going to be ashamed Or he’s you’re holding yourself out or trying to lose weight They get so much praise, but when people heart, oh, they’re overweight and it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to lose weight They get hate and it’s just like I’m not about that, you know, oh, you know, hey, we didn’t lose hateful being nice dog If they’re trying to lose weight or not Oh my god, but wasn’t she the one that every time a bigger person says something about her? She’s got something to say about their weight She hates when people that are big lose weight because then they look better than her and she makes comments on it She hates it. She wants everyone to be as miserable as her You don’t know what someone’s trying to do in the private life. You’re just assuming I’m surprised she hasn’t like fattened up BB or If he’s just not about that life, he’s just not around enough for her to do it I wonder how much weight Pete lost you can Flynn and she broke up with him I wonder how I’m not actually weigh less than I did before my surgery. I’d like to see that Like I said, she is picking and choosing these questions she’s picking and choosing these questions or making them up herself guaranteeing My doesn’t she have a screenshot of the person asking this question coming out cuz she made love she’s stupid Everyone has to eat For me It helps me Okay, she said that before too and then come to find out it was just her eating regularly She wasn’t actually doing anything different For me Eating Delicious food To me. It feels like a job now Oh my god, at first it was a bit rocky because it was like, oh, wow, you know all this food But now it’s like it’s it’s a job and That’s how she felt. Oh my god all this food. Okay you cannot convince me and I I embrace having a schedule I can finally like She does something for Cutie’s and acts like it’s her life now, okay Strict, oh I can’t she is so I’m only 11 minutes in oh My god wrestlin am I not labeling foods as bad or good? I’m helping with that disordered way of living. So for me what bands are helping? Okay, whatever you want to think And you can say well how come you’re not losing weight, dude You don’t know how much away we can look at you. It’s gonna take a long time Exactly. So why are you I feel like this is a whole new whole wonderful from your like saying you’ve been nervous you really Lose a good amount of weight. So it’s like Yeah, so, whaddya say I do I love my weight I think if you’re here to watch me I’m gonna do look thanks, then don’t talk about it. You don’t have to watch But don’t try to make life miserable for everybody else who chooses to live it away you know life in a way that you do if a comment on the Internet makes you miserable you’re weak and you’re stupid and She’s 36 in a comment there’s some troll online just ruins her life. Okay. Um, I’m telling it like it is like Where do you want to do differently in 2020 that you did in 2019? Not just focus on making my resolution about my weight of course because then you can’t do what you want 20/20 is gonna be the year of Chantelle you guys my trying to prove to people Then I’m worthy because I could I mean it was just show you could commit to something before other than cheating on Petes regularly an ignoring baby regularly And truly accepting that what people say about me as none of my business I don’t want to have any resolutions So, yeah. Mm-hmm Yeah, talk about the fish oh my god, I don’t know I got doesn’t feel like I’ve already explained it but For since I’ve been since I can remember my own existence, okay That’s a weird thing to say, I’ve always done weird Noises I believe that Or Between peeps, and I we call them Saenz So she is one of them when I was a kid for example I had a cop named fevers and Years ago feeders Yeah, ger was a noisy flail sound for like no reason This is her like load or impression Not a disorder I’m just weird I saw someone do an entire video trying to psychoanalyze Why I do these things and it just makes you look ridiculous because it just boils down to the fact that I’m here Come on it funny. All right So she’s looking at videos about her noises do you feel like I really understand them public When you go out to eat or grocery shopping No No Maybe I have in the past but not now Like I said what change was my attitude that her ninety two days ago changed I’m fat and That’s not an a reason for somebody to judge me if they want to judge be judgemental That’s not what like when Asian talents. I need to be judgmental. Why would I care? Why should I care? About eating at a restaurant And someone’s looking at me and thinking she’s fat like if they don’t have any impact on my way And they’re the judgmental one so really who has the problem right So why am I you know what I mean people are allowed to judge each other. Okay. It’s not technically do Another thing I just want to touch on is the whole body positivity thing. I see a lot of people making reactions Medicaid watching these videos I Want to do something to change the way I look or enhance the way Whatever. I’m aunty boy like the lip fillers. Oh, maybe I don’t I’m not For me body positivity, sorry my memory She looks a little bit more missing though I didn’t remember what I was ranting about oh, yeah, the body positivity means something different for everybody and just because I am interested in getting lip fillers or When I put on makeup People say I photoshop then it’s not true I don’t know how to use Photoshop so now I’m going to entertain that Have they been generally doctor my photos, which I don’t that’s exactly what they meaning you do Nobody looks good in a hundred percent of their photos or good or whatever, you know, I mean Better some time you will not so put together I had somebody accuse me of filtering my photo calling me a catfish Which a catfish to me is like you really don’t look like yourself But they had like they were using snapchat filters like what the hell anyway so Body positivity for me is Not being ashamed of being overweight and being positive about it instead of so buddy positivity to her so it’s just convenient for her wanting to eat Okay, just some of you figure that up It’s a weight thing it’s not a Just because you don’t love every single thing about your face and that’s the base positivity It’s not body positivity the whole lip thing fillers no pain, so she knows that’s a joke. So yeah There you go What was that Why don’t you wear a white shirt when she was gonna be eating all this shit Favorite Christmas memories, so Every year is a great year for me for Christmas knock on wood, and I’m very thankful and grateful For just the day the white snow the Christmas music The Christmas tree Everything about it, you know the dinner the smell of the dinner cooking is the best part. You can probably bet have been eating it There was one Christmas where we’re all together my grandma was still healthy I was a kid Was this the grandmother that would let her eat extra snacks? And that was my first 100 bucks like oh wow Jimmy that was like so awesome, you know So that was yeah Program You know, she thought that was funny for sure Had a chalet And like the Laurentian Mountains I was so beautiful Snow falling I don’t civilization there by Norman Like out on the balcony just look like a one winter wonderland And I remember finding a Santa’s sleigh in the woods like where we set his house And it was magical for me as a kid and we used to go on this lake It’s no thing down the hill in his yard, I can’t relate at all and uh He always had the same Nutcracker of every year the whole family would be there Was great times it does sound nice the grandfather seems to be a nice person Ended up selling it I think when he moved to New York This is the regarding to follow up with my biopsy So when they remove my cysts they’re going to be biopsy in them or they are right now So she doesn’t know if it already happened It’s still in my hair after that And I have an appointment on January 17th when everything should be To discuss it but they don’t have any word for concern. They didn’t see any Spreading her it’s good They’re not worried. So which is good That’s for the blood thinners because I was on blood thinners because uh because The the they’re called Sarah’s borderline serous tumors Ovarian tumors and they were borderline. So there is some malignancy there a Malignant potential and that’s where they think that the two of the blood clots. It was causing the blood clots Not related to my weight Even the doctor said that and I’m gonna believe the doctor more than anybody else. So I mean you shouldn’t believe your doctor Don’t think they would lie to you And that’s actually another question I got was the health at every size what that means is I’m not negating Healthcare, this is my chair. I apologize. Yes, just because you’re over. Will you see somebody overweight don’t make assumptions on ground and That’s actually been privileged whenever somebody if you’re small people look at you And don’t automatically assume that you have high blood pressure. You have diabetes you have cholesterol problems Anyone with cholesterol problems I know is thin So it just don’t make it some fighting. She always do this where it’s fat first skinny She is so like on the offense about it where she just wants to attack skinny people for some reason I did it again should just be doing it again My liking doing just what I was trying to get up My aunt once see I was wrong about that Actually that was four months ago the results. I was looking at from a while ago most recently The most recent one I had was it was 5.3 So that’s pretty good So, yeah, I’m not even gonna begin to know like begin to act like I know what these numbers mean Let me know if they mean anything that Wasn’t 6.3 was 6.1 at time before that She asked some dribble on her chin, that’s for sure Yeah, I don’t know if it matters if you eat or not, but that was like after I had just eaten a eaten lunch And they had tested it. But apparently I guess it doesn’t matter if you eat because it’s like a three to three month random thing but yeah, so That’s what I’m just going by WIC what my medical records My most recent test was 5.3 Don’t show us some Christmas activities or area lights and things like that. I did just recently do a Magic of Lights video so I will post a link there If you want to check it out nobody’s interested in watching us receipts I’m not really into there is also the festival of lights or something like that where you can walk around and Look at all the lights like I did at the pumpkin place. It’s been like minus 30. I’m not going above looking in that No All right, last one what is your star sign and do you believe it’s true well All right. I’m an Aries and you tell me based on the I will take the negative traits of an Aries listed when these are repeat ones, so You tell me if it’s true impatient impulsive stubborn reckless bossy temperamental argumentative competitive headstrong, I would say Yeah unfortunately Why doesn’t put on the makeup I was really into learning about my zodiac when I was younger. I never forgot This dairies tape I bought at the dollar Ram on my platter I listened to it and one thing I always remember about my star sign is people Is people love to hate me and hate to love me and a lot of ways that’s true Don’t really know if that’s cream or whatever I feel that way about most berries I know as well, honestly Now I’m not taking the trade some people shouldn’t work but She’s not gonna work on herself zodiacs are true and it’s written in the starters that these are cut this is how you are It’s a lot harder to change Anyways god I can’t help it if Einstein I can’t help. I’m a bitch. I’m an Aries what answers to my questions? and hopefully I’ll be able to make You can help I’m a terrible harm. I’m an Aries. The Stars said I have to be terrible. So I guess that’s it Oh My god, that was terrible. I had absolutely No fun watching that not at all terrible And she just I don’t know I’m done with this video

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