Winter Edit Spoilers! | 5 Beauty Faves | FabFitFun
Winter Edit Spoilers! | 5 Beauty Faves | FabFitFun

Hi, everyone! My name is Geena and I am an employee here
at FabFitFun. I’m so excited because today I am going to
be showing you five of FabFitFun’s beauty faves from our upcoming Winter Edit. So in case you don’t already know, the Winter
Edit is a FabFitFun member exclusive sale where you can get hundreds of products for
up to 70% off. A reminder that this sale is only open to
FabFitFun members, so if you’re not already a member, go ahead and sign up right here. Become a member today and you can start shopping! Select members do get early access and are
able to shop the sale from December 26th through January 1st, and all members are able to shop
from January 3rd through January 12th. So make sure to log on and snag all of your
favorites because this will not stay in stock for long. All of the products that I’m talking about
are linked below, so make sure to check out the description, and also always make sure
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FabFitFun’s videos. All right, so let’s get things started with
the N:P Beautiful Miracle Serum. This is an incredible, all-in-one serum for
hair. If your hair is in need of a miracle… Miracles happen once in a while if you believe! I personally resort to hats. The other option would be to make it healthy
again. So this is high-end haircare that is made
from natural and sustainable ingredients like moringa oil and lotus root and stem cells. This product is also amazing for all different
types of hair. Miracle Serum! So next up from Smith & Cult, we have this
bundle of two nail polishes. We have this gorgeous pink shade, which is
called “Love Lust Lost,” and we also have this beautiful, sparkly, shimmery, multi-glitter
shade called “A Little Lovely.” They come together! So the Smith & Cult nail polishes deliver
even coverage, brilliant shine, and they’re also chip-resistant, so basically everything
you could ever want in nail polish. My New Year’s resolution is to stop spending
money getting my nails done because that is something that I am fully capable of doing
myself. With all the money that I save doing my own
nails, I’m going to open my own karaoke spot. And I will always love you! Nope. “Love Lust Lost,” I think, would be amazing
for if you’re going on a winter getaway or any kind of resort vacation. I love that idea. I’m fantasizing about it. With your spray tan. “A Little Lovely.” This is the ultimate, ultimate New Year’s
party, new year new me, I’m glitzy now, here I am in your face. Endless possibilities with these nail polishes. Woo! These nail polishes are also vegan, cruelty-free,
and gluten-free. All right, so next up we have the Unite Dry
Texturiza Finishing Spray. So this is a translucent finishing spray that’s
going to last you all day and night. It’s perfect for finishing off a style, adding
a little bit of texture to it. I love using this on second… third… fourth
day hair. So this is weightless, buildable. It has kind of a medium hold. A little volume, a little texture. I don’t know what that accent was. I’m sorry. So this also acts as a thermal and UV protector,
so the sun’s beating down, you’re covered. Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams. Let it wash away my sanity. So to use, you’re just gonna give it a little
shaky shake. Hold it 8 to 10 inches away from your hair,
and then just give it a spray onto dry hair is ideal. It just makes me think about, you know, do
you ever wish you were born in a different decade? I really wish I was born in the 80s because
I feel like I could really pull off some really huge hair. I need my hair to be bigger, bigger, best. So you best believe I’m going to be dousing
in this. So next up, we have the Billion Dollar Brushes
Sweater Weather Brush Set. That’s weird. So in addition to being ultra, ultra soft,
these bristles are actually charcoal-infused, which helps with keeping your brushes cleaner
longer. You don’t want dirty brushes. Gross. So this shet – shet. Help. This brush set does come with five different
brushes. Powder brush. Contour brush for the cheek bones. Concealer brush and eyeshadow brush for the
lids. and a highlighter brush for the glow. I think I could be a Cover Girl. I’ve been rewatching old seasons of America’s
Next Top Model, and I’m inspired. These brushes are also vegan, cruelty-free,
no artificial dyes. I just want to rub them on my face. Please don’t touch these. They are covered in my spit. All right, and next up we have the Kate Somerville
Eradikate Cleanser. This is for eradicating your pimples and your
bad skin! How many times can I say “eradicate?” Eradicate. The worst thing about pimples is that they
know. They know when you have something important
going on. They know when you have a date or a party. And they put it where you can’t cover it,
like on the side of your nose or right – oh, do you ever get a Rudolph one that’s, like,
right there? Cruel. Cruel! So this is a medicated foaming acne wash. So this does contain sulfur, which is going
to help minimize blemishes, minimize pores, really just smooth everything out, control
oil, basically everything you want to eradicate. Eradicate. This also contains honey and rice bran extracts. Rice bran – not a cereal brand. It’s in here. And that is going to help kind of soothe and
calm your skin, along with eradicating blemishes. All right, those are FabFitFun’s five beauty
faves. Make sure to head over to
and shop these and so many other products right now. And make sure to comment below and let me
know what you’re loving. Happy shopping! Bye! I’m done. Absolutely incredible. I’m spinning so much! Happy shopping!

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